Step by Step Center v. Pool Company & Philadelphia Insurance

Immediately following the start up of a new swimming pool filtration system at a school facility a muriatic acid leak occurred which was not immediately addressed by the pool company, despite numerous complaints of acid smell. The acid quickly corroded A/C and HVAC systems, along with electrical components. Insurer denied the claim citing pollutant exclusions. … Continued

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Hoffer v. Travelers Insurance Group

Insurance company denied an insurance claim for catastrophic fire damage to a rental property. Insurance company alleged that the owner of the building caused the fire, relying upon expert reports indicating the presence of gasoline poured in two locations throughout the building. A lawsuit was commenced against Travelers in Federal Court. Discovery was completed and … Continued

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D. v. Allstate Insurance

  Greenblatt Agulnick, was retained following the denial of a major property damage claim submitted to Allstate. While the elderly client was away visiting family, a boiler malfunction caused water to pour out the radiators in the home uncontrolled. The water continued to escape for weeks after first onset. After the loss was discovered, Allstate … Continued

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​S ​Depot v. Tower Insurance & Contractors

Following roof located air HVAC work performed on an adjacent unit, a paper supply company sustained property damages as a result of a tarp being blown off the roof during a rainstorm. Tower Insurance denied the claim, alleging that the tarp being blown off the roof did not constitute damage, as was required by the … Continued

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Tenants v. Supermarket

After a catastrophic fire destroyed an apartment building in Brooklyn, our office represented 12 tenants who were uninsured and had lost all of their contents. After securing the return of each of their security deposits, a lawsuit was commenced against the landlord , the supermarket tenant, and the management company. Through investigation and the retention … Continued

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Bad Faith Insurance – You VS Them

Nowadays, more and more people who go to sleep at night believing they are protected by their home or business insurance policies are waking up to reality. Insurance companies have become experts at the ridiculous. Denial letters are issued by the truckload based upon any and every conceivable loophole which they perceive exists and quite … Continued

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